17 Mar 2008

Miss Sabah

Sabah's representative to the Miss Malaysia/Universe 2008

Atukk...ada juga majlis memperagakan santut!..:O

A mystery naked man

KOTA KINABALU: A man, believed to be mentally unstable, caused a stir when he ran across the Queen Elizabeth Hospital traffic light intersection naked, Saturday. The man emerged from a monsoon drain, claimed a taxi operator, and stood confused on the pavement before dashing across the road oblivious to the light morning traffic. "He looked high on something," said the taxi driver, who declined to be named, adding "he even wagged his private part at us. There was somekind of gluey substance on his head...maybe he was a glue sniffer," he said. He said the man ran back across the road and disappeared into the monsoon drain (Daily Express)

Perhaps nobody with camera handphone witnessed 'the show' or they were just too stunned to do anything...*LOL*


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