12 Mar 2008

Marsha diet gemuk

Bibir I yang 'plum' macam Angelina Jolie tu...
bukan suntik botox tau, tapi sekadar mengaplikasi
teknik terbaru bergincu...awas jangan kutuk!

...some article about Donggongon

I just goggle looking and reading this article about Donggongon. Firstly out of the many other places in that town, they choose to publish the picture of the messy verandah (most top photo) goodness me! Yet i'm thankful they didn't publish the sewerage treatment plant. There are few other interesting spots, joints and restaurants that are not mentioned (Egypt, The Rock, Hinompuka etc. a new hotel is being constructed and not to mention the controversial Mega Long shopping complex) And what's so important to mention that people with 'alternative lifestyle' frequent pubs in Donggongon *LOL*

Anyway i've to agree with the Tamu though, very well organized and lots of varieties.