7 Mar 2008

Marilah..mari..pergi mengundi!

So the once-in-five-year event is here again and it's getting hotter and hotter towards the polling day which I think is merely hours away from now. Who could have avoided the atmosphere? Banners, billboards, posters, flags are just everywhere, not to mention the T-boards that transformed our landscape into something like a mass graveyards! I guess the campaign structures had been finally put up to the fullest huh!

And these are just some of the warcries that I manage to lay my eyes on (enough to make me grin..:))

Hhmm...macam mana mau undi ni eja "Tahi'" pun belum pass

(Talking about PKR's logo, we were once trying hard to figure out what the symbol is actually all about when it was first unveiled to the public. My guess is that it's a full moon. While we were busy cracking our head, a friend then asked "what was the crime the PKR president associated with?"..."err..sodoh mee" someone replied....."probably it's a loose ***hole!" **boom! a laugh exploded**. But later we learnt it's "the eyes" symbol, as memory to the bruise eyes Anwar once had while under detention)

The election campaign had also sparked off some dramas. For the curtain raiser we have the episode about the sudden withdrawal of the incumbent Matunggong Assemblywoman Jornah Mazihim (her candidacy had been endorsed and confirmed in the first place before Pairin suddenly dropped her out). This prompted her supporters rushed to see Pairin and begging him to re-nominate her. The scene of her supporters rallied around the Huguon Siou, crying and appealing incessantly is very unusual. It’s like seeing a group of mourners in grief on a funeral day. Phenomenal!


Next up is the claimed by Joseph Kurup that he almost assaulted by the opposition supporters at the Nabawan Community Centre over some controversies during the nomination day. He said “he was nearly hit on the face and almost fell”…sounds to me like the punch didn’t land on his face, yet he was sent to Keningau Hospital for check-up!? (perlu kah? Buang masa doktor saja kan!). Anyway the controversy concerned is reported to be heading to court.

Manangkus nopo kio! Sikapon!

The Boss (Dr. Jeffrey) vs. Ex-Staff (Kanul Gindol) episode, just add up to the collection of comedy drama during the campaign period. Jeffrey described the pullout of his former Political Secretary, from PKR to join BN, as shameful and an act of betrayal “people will know…as betrayers they should be ashamed of themselves…their action proves they are more interested in pursuing personal interests…if you believe in something you should stick with it to then end” he said. Well, if the betrayer happened to be someone who knows you inside and out, be prepared for some pain in the ass reply …. “Jeffrey did not and does not walk his talk. Look, he left PBS, Akar Bersatu, PBRS and briefly with UMNO, so what is he talking about sticking to a party till the end?” said Kanul…(Ouch!). No further comment from the ex-boss since then!

*Sigh!* I want nothing from this election…except to see it ends as soon as possible! I’m so suffocated by those campaign structures….especially the graveyard-like landscape courtesy of the T-boards

Errgh! What an eye-sore!

And a classic pilihanraya song

...Anyway "Happy Voting" everyone!