10 Mar 2008

In the limelight for wrong reason

It's not the question whether Mila and Ebi are having an affair (cos the answer is absolutely yes) rather it's a qusetion of "siapa kongkong siapa?"...:=). One report said about the "babak ludah meludah" between them (kelas!). And the Melodi interview below further confirmed the incident.

That reporter mentioned the word "melayang"...bayangkanlah kalau Mila melayang terus tersangkut di kipas siling berpusing-pusing...:)

Laporan dari Gua pula melaporkan peserta-peserta OIAM 2 main-main cinta. Intan Sarafina is said to be going out with Shone (the report further said that Shone is a married man..oops). Another contestant, Mark, is rumoured to have frequently exchanging SMS with his duet partner, Farah Asyikin of OIAM 1 fame, who also happened to be bini orang.

Hmm...no comment!

Filmed in Semporna

"Duyung" a brand new film by KRU is being screened at cinema now (since 6 Mar). Actually I 'retire' watching Malay films in theatre cause I often fall asleep halfway through the movie (Cicak Man included). I just wait for them to appear on TV. So far I think "Jangan Pandang Belakang" really hypnotised me (but I also watch it on TV...didn't know it it is actually good otherwise I might've watched it at cinema). Back to "Duyung", heard that it is filmed in Semporna (perkampungan Bajau Laut). Good choice!...No?