21 Feb 2009

Immunity award for Esther

Esther did a great job belting out Leona Lewis' Better In Time, in OIAM3 Top 12 first concert. I have to agree with what the two delighted judges had to say (including the microphone pulling....punya jauh tu dia tarik). She started off elegantly by the mic stand (mmm...the hand clapping gesture to me is not necessary). She pulled out the mic and slowly moved around in style. She responds very well to the the suspense and the climax of the song, exactly what I imagined it should be done, very dramatic (siap angkat-angkat tangan lagi). She seemed very careful with the pronounciation and I didn't hear 'the' as der. Winning the 'Miss Immunity' sums it all! I hope she will at least maintain the standard in the weeks to come. How nice if she wins the immunity award every week...jimat kredit aku or buli guna undi keluar si.....?....TAUPUN! Hehe

My ranking

1. Esther, 2. Amylea, 3. Rizu (surprise! cos I like broadway), 4. Aweera, 5. Simon, 6. Han, 7. Pija, 8. Nine, 9. Ayu, 10. Tomok, 11. Fify 12 Anith


zrull said...

yes im agree with u dbos. u ranking is my ranking also..hehehe...

btw, next week we hope that all the peserta will make the best performance expcly...Esther. hehehe..

dont marah2 yah..


Anonymous said...

my ranking??? view my comment..

SciaS said...

tepuk tangan tu saya rasa dlm masa pertandingan mcm ni tidak perlu :)

u know what? I hv to listen Leona's version to make sure the song belongs to her hahahaha

apa2pun...Esther did her own bah kan...mana buli lawan original singer..terlampau juga pujian si syafinaz tu..tinggi melangit hehehe takut si Esther hanyutttt

Simpan kredit utk next week!

dBOS-fm said...

azurulcarl - memang kalau boleh mo tiap2 minggu imuniti...jimat kredit time final tus berabis serang.

Jeremy - nice review u hv there...I can't afford to review one by one

Scias - ko bayangkan bah sudah khusyuk ambil feeling tiba2 p tepuk tangan...pemandangan n concentration sya pun tus terganggu time tu. Tu la bah syafinaz lebih2 puji. Tpi paling spoil masa dia tarik mic..mo juga dengar tarikan suara dia tu