1 Feb 2009

Ujibakat AF 7 di KK

I've to say AF7 audition is not as hyped as before. Except murai.com, major newspapers seem shying away from reporting the event :-).

I went to the venue this afternoon. Well it looked crowded but I wonder what it would be like, if it is held at some other venue (not at shopping mall).

Antara peserta-peserta ujibakat

Oh Ok... so AF finally stage a show during its audition tour.
I remember saying about having a stage show when posting an entry
about Tom Tom Bak's audition months back. Now AF is doing exactly like TTB did :-)

Stacy Frenz Club and Murai.com having their own promotion.
CDs of AF stars (concert version) were sold for RM10..lelong!

Eby performing a medley of songs,backed by self-played acoustic guitar.
Other singers include Nadia, Nubhan, Syawal, Mila, Riz and Zainal Alam (the MC).

The audition was carried out in private rooms (not on stage). But I guess it's not a bad idea if they call upon some of the aspirants (peserta ujibakat) to come up on stage to show their capabilities...pasti gempak kan and the sound system is one of the worse I've ever heard.


defoo said...

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