12 Feb 2009

Da Prinz - Ada Hivai Dandi To (Don’t Forget Your Promise)

A song by Da Prinz (featured on Sumandak's blog earlier). Quoting from their YouTube site...

This is Da PrinZ 1st KadazanDusun song MV. the title means "Dont forget your promise". this is our simple unofficial MV. enjoy

Mmm...not bad, walaupun masuk first verse ja..teringat pula saya tu lagu "biar ku menjadi lilin...memberikan cahaya" :-). I wonder if the song has been finalised yet(mixing and all that).


Anonymous said...

hi Dbos. thx for featuring our MV here. well this is our unofficial MV which edited by me, simple2 saja. This is not the finalised version of the song, it's just for the radio airplay in RTM around this week. so we'll be re-record it sometime this month. we'll be very glad if u can help us promote our group here, and our album is coming up. our latest update is we'll be performing for RTM Kadazana channel at Dewan Tun Fuad Ppg this friday 20th, debuting this kadazan song with something new in stored. u're invited to this event as well. ok hope i said enough. thx again =)

dBOS-fm said...

Wow good to hear that ur guys r coming up with an album. 4 sure i'll b promoting it here...all the best!