28 Feb 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 11

Fuhh…I’d been spending most of my times outdoor this week, almost out of touch with the internet. I don’t know what colour my skin belongs to right now. Glad it’s over and it’s time to sit back and relax in air-conditioned room having my first quality time in front of the TV watching OIAM3 Top 11 concert.

It looks like we have a new immunity winner but before that, Ayu became the first contestant voted out (I guess people don’t want another Ayu to win the title this season). She sang “Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi” as her swan song which is supposed to be her choice as memorable song. She left me wondering on her memorable moment behind the song. Had she seen the sexiest man alive?.

On to the performances (not in order)


I thought she’s gonna pick “Miagal Do Sinsing” as her memorable song, instead she chose something that I’m not familiar with. Honestly I never heard of this song before (go ahead laugh) and I have no idea at all if she was out of pitch or not (as what Syafinaz commented). Leaving that behind, she was still pretty good in handling this song (very much reminds me of a professional jazz singer). Unfortunately the song doesn’t prove much of her ability. Shall I just say it’s too small for her? Almost half of it is sung in ad-libs (no lyrics). But there’s something about the quality in her voice that makes me want to rewind her performance a couple of times.

(Actually I kinda fix my ranking as far as vocal quality - attitude and style - is concerned. For ladies it’s Esther, Amylea, Pija, Han, Fify and Anith)


It’s either she’s not familiar with this song or the new arrangement was somewhat tricky and confusing (the musical director was so ‘rajin’ modifying the music arrangement including Esther’s). I detected two or three moments where Han was out of tune.


Personally I prefer contestants who go for some challenging songs with big notes that could really test their vocal ability. So far both songs by Simon are pretty laid back and safe. Except for the increase in the song tempo and much talked about husky voice, there was nothing special in his performance. If that’s his style, he has a very safe style then. Mraz's I’m Yours is probably in his song list (only if he finds it not too risky).


She was very hyperactive last week but only managed to move forward and backward this week (bravo to the guest jury, Salamiah Hassan for addressing it). Vocal wise not bad and not much of a pitching problem as well. It was almost a CD quality.


With the guitar, it’s totally a brand new person, nothing like the Amylea I’ve known in AF. There’s nothing wrong with her performance. But one question though, is that really her memorable song or she just wants to promote her works? She should have sung Menuju Puncak that's pretty memorable (hehe…kidding). If the guitar has given her the luck then she should just stick with it.


Lagu Pohon Cemara yang asalnya bukanlah rock sangat, cuba digempakkan oleh Tomok ala-ala menyanyi lagu-lagu rock gempak (Jaket Biru, Pelesit Kota etc). Menjadilah juga persembahan beliau kali ini tidak seperti minggu lalu yang mirip peminta sedekah begging for scream and applause. Dengan itu I give him my loudest girly scream ever...aaaAAAAAAAAA!.


Unlike last week, this is considered an easy song for her. Dan sebagai pemegang gelaran ‘Ratu Bertanding’ (251 times?! Get out of here!) not much mistake from her either, hence she received nothing but nice words from the judges.


The good news is he picked up a big challenging song (at least to his vocal ability), and the bad news…he failed to nail it..aargh!


I kinda figuring out, why no good remarks yet from the judges to this, Penyanyi Harapan Malaysia 2006! (Tiada harapan kah dia ni?). Vocal wise he was not that bad. Probably the facial ‘mimicking’ really annoyed the judges (it makes him look over confident sometimes). So the tips...don’t look at him, just listening to his voice will do. But still I do like his vocal delivery.


No you’re not watching a screaming competition. At one glance he came up on stage merely to scream at the audience (how rude..hehe). The beginning and the first few moments were very commendable, and then halfway through, his screaming was not as flawless as before. He almost couldn’t hit the note precisely (oh ok I undersand he was sick). My advice to him is to cut down those screaming or just balance it up with normal tone (songs like Awie’s Sejati will probably help). Perhaps what Paul was saying, he wants to see Aweera transforms a non-rock songs into a rock number something like Billy Jean by David Cook (although that’s not Cook’s original arrangement). But still I have to admit this guy has a very good (flawless) scream.


Err…I didn’t quite like her rendition. Just like Han, there were some moments where she’s out of tune and a couple of pitch issue as well (at one time she lost her voice). I put her second in my “not best” ranking.

So Amylea won the immunity this week. Being in the bottom three, it’s either the judges wanted to safe her from being voted out or she really did an outstanding job…whatever. (I thought she had a strong fan base)

My ranking: Amylea, Rizu, Esther, Fify, Anith, Tomok, Simon, Nine, Aweera, Pija, Han.