15 Feb 2009

Nikki - Hawa

I finally have a copy of Nikki’s new album Hawa and I got it on Valentine’s Day *wink*. What impressed me most is the unconventional way of presenting the album in the form of a hard-covered booklet (very much reminds me of a mini children's bedtime story book). Just take a look at these pics.

It totally gets rid of the plastic CD casing. The CD is fastened on the inner side of the back cover (I just hope no one will nibble the white polystyrene used to secure the CD..hehe…otherwise I just have to use adhesive tape instead). “Very cute”…is the right description of the cover (just too bad her “Adam” is no where to be seen)

And what about the tracks? Just take a sample here on this promo video clip.

(Some Stargate's elements there of course). Need I say more? It’s time to judge a book by its cover huh. A potential winner for AIM’s Best Album Cover and err….Best Album of The Year awards! IT’S WORTH BUYING!

P/s: Apparently no Dusun song this time around *grin* (motif font kecil?)