25 Feb 2009

Best and worst

So the 81st Academy Awards concluded on Monday. What a list of strong contenders in the Best Pictures, Best Actress and Best Actor categories. I'm just so excited Kate Winslet finally won. Based on the public (SMS) votes conducted by E Entertainment, 67% votes went to Ms. Winslet, leaving Ms. Jolie far behind at second place with 11% votes, followed by Meryl Streep (10%). As for Best Actor, it's a neck to neck between Micky Rourke (33%) and Sean Penn (31%) but Sean finally grabbed the oscar for the second time.

"I'd be lying if I hadn't made a version of this speech before.
I must have been eight-years-old, and this was a shampoo bottle.
Well it's not a shampoo bottle now"

She probably had a special shampoo bottle shaped exactly like the oscar.

"You Commie, homo-loving sons of guns"

Err...whatever that means, the gays all over the world must have been roaring ! :-)

"Has anyone ever fainted, because I might be the first one?"

How nice to see if she really faints. Tapi macam keras juga lidah dia ni, sampai sekarang masih ada masalah pronounciation.

But the most interesting moment at the Oscar is to see Slumdog Millionaire took home 8 awards including Best Picture (maka berteriakanlah gay-gay di Mumbai *LOL*)

This film is actually a Hollywood film using India as background...the casts etc, exactly like Ghandi. Si Anil Kapoor punyalah teriak-teriak di red carpet "long live Indian film industry!" dia bilang. Anyhow, they have every reason to celebrate, and consider the film as their own, for their natives won the Best Sound Mix, Best Music Score and Best Song (aiyoo lagu India conquer Hollywood oh!). Imagine if the producer choose to do this film in Malaysia (we do have our own version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" kan). But having seen the passionate kissing scene, I was like "oh ok! It's impossible to do it here!" hehe...

And the Razzie Award for Worst Actress goes to....Paris Hilton Hotel!

Acceptance speech "It's such an honour to finally win this award, I've been dreaming about this since I was a child...and had been made a version of this speech before with a *tooot* in the bathtub in one of the many hotels we have...it's not a *tooot* now...it's a Golden Raspberry...see how I can handle this!" (Hehe..just kidding)

Worst Actor - Mike Myer in Love Guru

Err...I kinda disagree with this one, I like the movie..hehe (it's a comedy anyway)

Yeah baby yeah!