12 May 2007

Diari AF 11 May

Candy's simple birthday bash

Woww...hadiah gitar Hello Kitty lagi. Talking about Hello Kitty, I think ngam juga kalau Candy nyanyi lagu Hello Kitty dendangan Karen Kong (Karen Labuan)

Pembentangan pelajar

Apa sudah jadi AF ni, ramai pelajar bersuara 'rosak' (vocal health problem). The environment I think is just not too conducive....enclosed (fully air-cond) building (how much do they get fresh air in a day?), over-stressed vocal chord, and not so proper vocal coaching (I dare to say Cikgu Syafi is not the accurate coach for them...untuk mengajar koir yes! But for pop music like AF..no! She needs further coaching on pop music herself)