13 May 2007

Konsert AF5 minggu 9

Sebuah persembahan konsert yang menghiburkan....but I didn't quite enjoy it...full of suspends..*lol*. It's all because Astro made the cruel decision to reveal the charts! Why would they want to do that? My theory is they have to rescue the girls. The past one week shows Candy, Heliza and Mila remained at the bottom three. During the first display of the charts, Candy moves from sixth to fourth. While she is experiencing a positive change, Heliza and Mila remained at the bottom. Somebody must have expected at least Mila will move along with Candy. Instead this doesn't happen. They need to wake Mila's supporters up. So they reveal Mila's position on the charts. It works...doesn't it?! I'm not so sure where Candy stands at the end of the polls. The final display (before voting was closed) showed her at the fifth place. Did she remain at fifth? I don't know....but then why would I bother....cos she's in the final anyway (but truly I don't like the idea of revealing the charts).

On to the review...

Let's Dance Together-Melly Goeslow ft BBB (semua pelajar)
Walaupun menampilkan satu kelainan di mana para pelajar muncul dari kalangan penonton, ianya kelihatan agak janggal. Koreografi begitu simpel dan harmonipun kurang menarik pada pendengaran saya. Overall it's not a good performance for me but I like the fashions.(betulkah kes Aswad tak boleh perform tu?)

Candy/Shawal-Menari Denganku (zahid n Sara)
Satu persembahan yang bertenaga dari Shawal dan Candy. Malangnya tiada lampu biru diberikan. Pengkritik asyik membebel mereka terkejut kononnya tak menyangka akan di arah mengkritik persembahan tersebut. Adakah ini bermakna pengritik menganggap persembahan tersebut hanya lagu bonus selingan dan mereka tak diperlukan mengkritik justeru tak perlu memberikan lampu biru? Saya perhatikan pengkritik perlu pengumuman terlebih dahulu dari Aznil untuk menekan lampu biru. Memandangkan tiada pengumuman dari Aznil sebelum persembahan Shawal dan Candy, maka tiadalah lampu biru (kalau tak silap perkara sama berlaku pada persembahan pembukaan Dafi di konsert minggu 8, justeru tiada lampu biru untuk Dafi - he deserved at least two blues).dB-75%

Aswad - Langit Biru (Mawi)
A stereoptype performance from his act last week. Except for a different song, different tune, etc...not much difference in Aswad performance. But still not a bad vocal delivery. dB - 78%

Heliza - Ya Atau Tidak (Erra Fazira)
Again a repeat of her performance last week. Good showmanship but still weak in vocal delivery. dB - 75%

Ebi - Bukan Diriku (Samsons)

Ebi did an all out performance this time. The first 70% of the song was very good. Unlike his past performances where he showed emotional expression through his face alone, this time he equally shows it through his voice as well. However there were some high notes that he was unable to hit properly. But as Jee said he managed to cover it through his emotional delivery of the song. A very good effort in doing justice to the song. dB - 80%

Mila - Pudar (Rossa)
Everyone knows that Mila was a pub/lounge singer. I guess this is one song that she normally performs in her many shows (at pub/lounge). She did it with extra comfort and ease. Interesting performance from Milla and the best that night. dB - 85%

Shawal - Copacabana (Barry Manilow)
An anti-climax performance from Shawal. Very contrary with what I've expected. His 'damaged' voice ruined his performance. Poor fellow. He needs to have a good rest to fully recover his voice.

Candy - Cahaya Cinta (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza)

This is a song that Candy suppose to do all out. Her best chance to make full use of her vocal ability in order to further shines. Although she didn't quite achieve that objective, overall, I think Candy didn't perform that bad. She still has the dynamic in her voice. Penyampaian lagu mengikut acuan tone vocal beliau sendiri amat menarik dan terserlah. Cuma pada pendengaran saya paras volume suara beliau kurang seimbang. Kadang-kadang dapat didengari dengan baik dan adakalanya kurang jelas (terutama part falsetto). Adakah ini disebabkan oleh muzik yang agak kuat? Masalah sistem bunyi mikrofon ataupun Candy sendiri yang masih kurang mahir dengan teknik penggunaan mikrofon yang betul? Yang nyata paras kekuatan bunyi suara beliau agak kedengaran tenggelam timbul.(berbeza dengan persembahan lagu Perhaps minggu lepas, segala-galanya agak jelas). Tidak banyak masalah hitting the right pitch cuma masih kedengaran kelemahan in terms of sustaining some notes dengan baik (this is mostly due to improper tempo or timing of breathing). Tempo pula? Ada sedikit tercepat pada dua, tiga part (lagu ini memang mencabar dari segi tempo untuk beberapa bahagian). The dress?...ouchh! Why the oversize dress Mr Jasmie?. Obviously Candy looks uncomfortable moving in that long swelly gown. I think for all those weaknesses, just blame it on her health problem. Candy once said that due to her health she learnt the song mostly by 'theory' and not much 'practical' . Thanks to Dato' Siti for understanding (she does have time watching Diari...doesn't she?) dB - 70%

Heliza/Aswad-Joget Cinta Sakti (Rosma n Haziq)
Not as good as Shawal and Candy but still given three blue rays. While Heliza's voice sounds not so energetic, Aswad sang out of tune towards the end. dB-60%

Ebi/Mila-My Heart (Acha n Irwanshah)
Well the crowds' responds said it all. What more can I say! You heard it...you watched it. The only set back perhaps is Mila's voice sometimes was louder than Ebi's. dB - 85%

Lagu Jamal Abdillah dan Ning (semua pelajar)
The harmony did not turn out to be like what it sounds during their practise. But overall it's better than their first bonus song.

It was the night of Ebi and Mila. But out of all the moments that night...yang paling dinanti-nantikan ialah pengumuman siapa layak ke final. I don't really bother who make it as long as those I supported are in the top five and they really are!. A very big congratulations to all the final five. My wish is they have good health to do all out in the final. As for Shawal congratulations for making it all through to the ninth week. All the best to him.


Anonymous said...

Sibuk-sibuk pun Dato CT, ada juga masa untuk tengok diari. Aku rasa Ogy dan Fauziah ni pemalas. Tak menggali,.....pooorah!

dBOSfm said...

Atau mungkin Dato CT pasang Astro Max...:)