18 May 2007

Diari AF 17 May

Antara babak-babak menarik

Ganjaran Ebi dan Mila

Wow scuba diving...hehe! Syok nya.

Candy edit

(Looks like she'd changed her hairstyle/colour...not bad). Juat wanna have a sneak pre-listen to her original single "Demam". Nice song. Macam sudah pernah popular lagu ini (lepas ni lagi-lagilah popular). Her jamming version is on the radioblog or you can download it here

Ebi edit

Another great song by M. Nasir. Will it be as popular as Aduh Saliha? Only the fans can decide. Hopefully Ebi will be able to blast it off. Hmm..kenapalah bukan M. Nasir yang datang.


I am one of those who are unable to watch Afxtra since the middle of 9th week. Don't know what happen, seems like everything is fine to me. So as not to waste money I decided to stop subscribing...wasting money saja bagus guna that RM3 untuk Afundi. Thanks Astro for the mysterious problem...errgh!