10 May 2007

Jimmy's debut Malay album

(I finally got the CD)

How shall I start…macam beginilah, .setiap kali kalau saya mendengar CD album produksi luar ataupun KL saya sentiasa kagum dengan hasil kerja mereka terutama dari sudut teknikal. Adunan muzik, sound effects dan vokal penyanyi latar terhadap vokal utama cukup seimbang dan sedap didengari. You can enjoy every piece of the musical instruments and voices involved. Tiada yang timbul dan tiada yang tenggelam. It’s very lively and arousing. Masuk part gitar elektrik…’ggrreeng!” you can feel the sensation, as if the guitar itself is jumping out of the loud speaker. Kalau saya pejam mata, tidak susah membawa diri saya melayang ke sebuah dewan yang mempunyai kualiti akustikal tinggi di mana sedang berlangsungnya konsert rock….kumpulan Samson (contohnya). Kadang-kadang tu terfikir dan tertanya-tanya juga, kenapalah susah sangat mahu enjoy that kind of sensation in our local productions. Tapi tiada lain jawapan saya sendiri ialah (mungkin) bajet But dude…you know what….(just let me shout for this one) YOU CAN ENJOY ALL OF THOSE I WAS TALKING ABOVE IN JIMMY’s NEW ALBUM…YOO!!. Woww!! Excellent! The production team must have made detail research on Indonesian’s albums…Samson, Radja, Peter Pan you name it. Hasilnya!? Sebiji! But I don’t blame them cos it’s the kind of ‘in-thing’ right now. Even Estranged and Sofaz are heading to that direction (I predict many more will follow suit). Back to Jimmy’s album you can expect the sounds of Indon contemporary bands especially Radja (I think). The materials, the ingredients and the ambiance are all in there. If you like the materials presented by those bands, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t like this one too. I really wanted to say that this is a local product that I won’t feel embarrass to show to the outsiders BUT then (just let me whisper for this one) they’re some minus points as well (hah…ada juga tapi sikit saja ndak banyak!). The CD sleeve although not bad, something not to shout about. The graphics presentation especially the photo shoot still looks amateurish and needs further improvement. Information is very minimal They are asterisks (‘*’) marks on some of the tracks but no info on what they suppose to be. I was jumping on the first track and feel like calling the team but they were no address and contact numbers whatsoever *sigh* (yalahkan mana tau juga bisuk-bisuk mau juga buat album kunun and then mau guna kepakaran durang). If it is only for local (Sabah ) market, it’s ok! But in my opinion a good production like this should be exported at least across the South China Sea. Anyway putting those minus points aside, the whole efforts are still something that I’m proud of. If you like those bands….Samson, Radja, Dewa, S.O.7, Peter Pan…etc go and grab this one too. It’s a local production (I hope they’re not hiring any foreign experts). After all it’s only RM 16.90 (audio CD)

Take a listen to the demo on radiolog.

*And just as info for those who are not familiar. Jimmy (Palikat) is actually the uncle of Niki Palikat. He’s the one who writes the song Sunudai Oku in Nikki’s album.